Guiding You Through Tax Planning and Preparation

Are you tired of rushing to add up your receipts every year, just before the tax deadline? Are you unclear on how your business is doing at any given moment? At Charles P. King, CPA, we have a full-service accountant who not only assists with tax issues but gets to know his clients on a personal level and takes a vested interest in their business and financial goals.


How Charles Can Help

He has assisted clients with setting up software such as QuickBooks to ease the frustration of being their own accountant. Charles has also helped entrepreneurs choose what type of entity they should utilize for their new business venture (i.e., corporation, partnerships, limited liability, etc.)

Below Are His Specialties: Services

Charles can guide you through a full range of tax planning and preparation decisions. He can also help you navigate any notice or bill you have received from any taxing authority. Because he is serious about staying current on all laws and regulations, he attends numerous training seminars each year.

Everyone hates hearing from the IRS or one of the states or local taxing authorities. Often the letter is confusing and often threatening, causing the taxpayer to panic. When this happens, the benefits of having an expert in your corner who knows the terrain cannot be understated. Charles has extensive experience working with the taxing authorities to resolve taxpayer issues, so please let him know how he can help.

We also assist with back tax issues.

Do you find that you are so busy running your business that you don’t have time to take care of the bookkeeping? Are you months behind on the bookkeeping, leaving you scrambling to catch up at tax time? Do you just simply hate doing your books? Charles can help you by taking on the bookkeeping function of your business. He can either maintain the books on his secure computer, send you monthly financial statements, or he can do the monthly entries and send the QuickBooks files back to you via a secure portal. The choice is yours and so is achieving peace of mind.